"This is the single most effective trading and analysis tool I have ever encountered...."
--Reid Hampton

"Buy this manual...."

"This is the most powerful tool I have ever used...."
--John Boese

"I still say, after using  it for several months, your book is the most usefulI I've ever read in 38 years of trading."
--Sam McGuire

"I am amazed that I can draw lines to precise price and time targets (PTT's) and then sit back and watch it hit precisely on that target."
--Walt Whittington

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You are about to learn about a very simple method that can be applied to ANY active market, whether it's stocks, futures or indices...in ANY time frame. 

There are no formulas or complicated rules to follow, no calculations, no expensive software required and the same procedure is used on any chart of your choosing.  Sound good?

Imagine the value of having the knowledge of how to make similar projections of price and time targets in the markets you trade!

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